If I kiss more than 4 guys in one year, can I get a disease?

if I kiss like more than 4 guys in one yr..I think..do I get any kind of diseases?

Answer #1

Only if they have diseases. You could get a cold or something but nothing that happens from kissing multiple people.

Answer #2

It is not the quantity of men that will give you diseases or infections but the quality.

Answer #3

Hmm well, not really,unlease you INTENSFULLY madeout with them, like sticking your tounge down his throut or something, but you CAN get AIDS,(if there a carrier) so just watch it

Answer #4

No you cannot get AIDS. Sigh. Are schools really that pathetic with education these days or are kids just really stupid these days?

There are certain things that can pass when you’re in close contact with others (like mono), but no not really…

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