How can I stop my cat from pooping on the rug?

my cat is always having a crap on out rug and my mam is sick of it she wants to throw the cat out but I dont want her 2 =( so anyone have any ideas on how not 2 make your cat poop on your rug?

Answer #1

There are always this spray that you spray on the area where the Cat or Dog poops/relieves himself/herself. It works for both Cats and Dogs. It is like it gets rid of the sent. But there are many different brands and so far all of the ones that I have used work perfectly. You can buy them anywhere…petco, PetSmart, and even Walmart has these sprays. Another great thing about them is that not only does it gets rid of the scent but it Cleans the Carpet as well. So when you find that your Cat has had an accident on the carpent again, clean it with your regular carpet cleaner and then afterwards Spray it with this scent remover. It always works like a charm!:-)

Answer #2

I heard that cats hate lemon scent so what we did when my cat took a dump on the carpet was to spray lemon juice th so maybe you could try thatere and it worked

Answer #3

…a cork?

Answer #4

A cork… haha that’s horrible. I have a mentally insane cat who doesn’t believe in litter boxes either even though there are two in my room (my room has always been her territory) I would suggest washing the floor and rug entirely, and using some kind of odor neutralizing product. Try getting a new rug - something cheap for now. Keep a litter box or pan near the rug. This is kind of gross… but if she poops on the rug again, use a plastic bag and pick it up, and put it in the litter box. Sometimes it tricks them into thinking they used the litter box when they actually didn’t. They know it’s their scent, so sometimes this helps. Good luck, and never kick an animal out of the house!

Answer #5

Is this a wall to wall carpet or a scatter rug? If it’s a rug you can’t throw away, what you need to do is thoroughly clean the area where the cat is pooping to neutralize the scent so your kitty won’t keep going back to it. (She’s ‘marked’ her territory, apparently, and that’s why she (or he) keeps going back to the same place.)

Make sure his/her litter box is always clean and easily accessible. I know that my cats have a fit if their litter box isn’t clean. (I guess I would too if I had to paw through all that stuff to do my business…LOL!)

Answer #6

im a vet, you need to keep her litter box clean and she needs to see a vet she might have a health problem,tell your mom there is a law in all 50 states you have to get your pet vet care you will be fined and could get jail time.there is also a law that you are not to aban. your pet,if she dont like it take it to a shelter,a no kill if you can get it in, there all packed.and do not get another animal,she should know pets are like babys if you can not handle that you dont need one…

Answer #7

Definately get rid of the rug now, it has the scent of being a toilet. Your cat may be insecure or worried and is seeking attention. Keep putting your cat in the litter tray so that it realises this is where it has to go and reward it when it does.

Cats are not humans and rely on us once we have bought them into our homes to look after them, they mustn’t be abandoned or thrown out. Some time, patience and training will eventually solve the problem.

Answer #8

tickle its rib cage then sexually lick its buttox and well eat her poop before it hits the rug.

Answer #9

put it outside.

thats unhygenic.

Answer #10

throw the rug out get a new one and mabe the cat will like that one

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