Cat Pooping on Bathroom Rug??

Here recently, my 7 year old cat has been using the bathroom rug as the cat litter box. He does it 95% of the time on our bathroom rugs (both bathrooms) and the other 5% on my parent’s carpet by the bathroom. We started noticing this after my mom got a different cat litter box, moved it to another room, and we brought a dog inside. Mom thinks it’s the dog that makes him do this, but I have seen them nose-to-nose before and at peace.

Dog? New litterbox moved? Internal problems (he weighs a good 20 pounds)? What do you think? My mom is tired of stepping in his little piles ;P

Answer #1

Well, it could be the litter box, you could get the old on back or get a new one exactly like it. The dog, maybe you could leave him outside untill nighttime. You could shut the bathroom doors and maybe that would help a little knowing that he also likes the carpet a little bit.

Answer #2

well if its the same sex as the dog and they are both male then it might be marking its territory..ifs its pee..or mabey its a laundry detergent your using on the rugs…

Answer #3

oh yeah, new litter box and moved and dog… cats dont like it when you change one thing… you change all of those things at once and you are asking for trouble… change back to the old litter box in its old place… move things SLOWLY also, is the new litter box covered while the old one was uncovered? because that could be the problem…

Answer #4

All three things!! That’s a lot of changes to do to an animal, a cat no less…Cats HATE change…the new litter box is probably ok, but I’d put it back where it was. (I hope that she kept the same litter)…and top all that off with a dog…I’ll bet that poor cat feels like it’s been slapped in the face.


Answer #5

hi it is most likely to be because you have bought a new litter tray and moved it to a different room was it in the bathroom to start with?

Answer #6

wow, cats hate change, and that was quite a bit all at once…

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