Our Origin

In your point of view How the Heaven and the Earth and all other living and non-living creations came into existance???

Answer #1

We either evolved from a simple organism, or we’ve been put on the earth by aliens, which over the course of time altered our DNA, which led us to become what we are today :P

Answer #2

Zas has a good answer, there can be a relationship between G-d and present day theory of evolution. For example its not that hard to look at evolutionist ideas and see some logic into them. However there must be some explanation as to the radical change in bone structure and dna from animal to animal.

Answer #3

As of now - the closest thing to what I believe in is the “Big Bang Theory”. I believe in Evolution.

Answer #4

I beleive in Evolution.

Perhaps the creation story and Evolution can go hand in hand, maybe each day in the creation story represents a span of millions upon millions of years?

Answer #5

just like the Bible says =D

Answer #6

mother existance, before that… I got nothin’.

Answer #7

My beliefs are in accordance with the ‘Big Bang’ theory, lol. Living organisms emerged as simple forms and slowly evolved to become the amazing creatures (including humans) that we see today.

Answer #8

The concept of the Big Bang I imagine is more coherent with what we observe about the universe rather then God, unless that god is not all-powerful, and used already existing physics. From what we observe about the universe you can find more evidence for a cause other than it being a god.

There is, what scientists classify as a super massive black hole, in the center of each galaxy they observe. The black holes in inactive galaxies aren’t feeding but their gravity keeps the galaxy in orbit. In our solar system we are about 26,000 light-years from the center of our galaxy, traveling at about 155 miles per second around it.

Quasars are powerful, active, galactic nuclei with a central super massive black hole. There are a few theories about the formation of black holes, but quasars may have formed by matter being drawn to the black hole, or from dense clouds of gas, light years across. Quasars exist at the edge of the observble universe. They are so far away that when scientists observe them they’re actually looking at the universe as it was billions of years ago, which means that quasers existed in the younger universe. Galaxies may have resulted from quasars, or formed like them.

Stars emerge from gas clouds many times larger than our own solar system, that collapse inward and form dense clumps. As this happens the tempreture rises and internal pressure increases till the protostar becomes incredibly dense towards it’s core and coalesces in a sphere shape. The extreme amount of heat and pressure this generates causes nuclear fusion which is why a star shines.

The process of star formation usually leaves access gas that revolves around the star in a ring that condenses and clumps. When the debris collect and draw more to it by gravity, till it’s large enough to have it’s gravitational force pull it into a sphere, you have a planet.

There have been hundreds of planets detected in our galaxy, infant solar systems, and new stars that emerge from dense clouds. Protostars are usually hidden by their clouds but scientists can see them through infrared and radiation. With the right instruments, scientists can also hear that the sun is very loud.

The Earth formed about 4.5 billion years ago, geologists have seperated the history of the Earth into time periods called eons. There is proof of simple life in some of the oldest rocks, indicating that evolution happened not long after the Earth’s formation, and the cause of life being the chemical consequence of the evolving planet. Evolution and geology are interrelated, the changes that occur on Earth over time also may have an affect on the organisms living on it. When life had appeared on the early Earth, the challenges presented by the environment began driving the process of evolution. The conditions of the Earth, including it’s atmosphere, it’s tilted axis, and changing surface, also helped stimulate evolution.

Not all other planets and moons are dead, they’re also live and active worlds with whether and geological features. Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is thought to be most like Earth in our solar system. It has a thick atmosphere, surface liquid, and whether. It is thought the conditions on Titan might serve as a prebiotic host for organic chemistry.

Answer #9

my opinion is a mix between the bible and the big bang theory. I think that God sparked the big bang, and he was the origin of all life. I dont think spontaneous birth of all animals is possible, and I think that the bible kinda condensed the actual thing. I sorta believe in evolution but I don’t know what exactly to think yet. I havnt gotten that far yet.

Answer #10

In my opinion Almighty God created all the things. The Holy QURAN says clearly about the Big Bang theory. And The big bang theory is the most accepted theory concernig the origin of life today.

And Again it proved that The Holy Quran is from God.

Answer #11

I believe this question is just a matter of how you see things if your are realigous then The Almighty God created us all at the Dawn of Time and (as I believe) we soon evolved from his first simple creation the Primate into Adam and Eve who thus had children and reproduced but still it is awkward to think that all humans came from a single couple so I believe Adam and Eve were in fact the first ‘recorded’ human beings but as time went on more Primates began to walk on 2 feet upright and we now have billions of human

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