Evolution of Humanity

Do you think black people evolved from monkeys? Do you think white people evolved from black people? Do you think Native Americans are Chinese in origin?

Answer #1

Just as the different varieties of dogs all evolved from wolves, our much smaller variety of humans evolved from a common ancestor too (very much as peacmakin’s excellent answer says). It’s not a case of one type of human being more primitive and evolving into a different type of human - we are just different coloured and different featured versions of exactly the same type of human.

Answer #2

Evolution occurs through the natural selection of advantageous mutations. Please study up on the subject, roses.

Answer #3

No such thing as evolution! God made us!

         I agree!:-)
Answer #4

hell yea teachel

Answer #5

No such thing as evolution! God made us!:)

Answer #6

No, we don’t evolve from any animals, God created us differently.

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