Faster than the universal speed limit now huh?

I hear theres a newish theory that non of my teachers have heard of that during the big bang because of the breaking of of the main forces from the original supper force (gravity+s/l nuclear forces+em force, ect) there was a subatomic particle that travled faster than light, just at that instant of the big bang, im guessing the particle was in energy form lol..

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During the initial seconds (or minutes), there was a period of time during which the entire UNIVERSE expanded at a ‘speed’ that was greater than the speed of light. This super expansion did NOT violate the einsteinian speed of light limit, because the speed of light limit applies to anything WITHIN the universe, whereas the super expansion was the WHOLE universe.

I just today saw that Sci. American has an article on a Theory called “The Big Bounce” which postulates that there was a pre-existing quantum formlessness, or a pre-existing mirror universe compression just prior to our universe’s expansion. Maybe your faster-than-light particle plays a part there?

I hope this helps. Good Luck!!

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aha umm yeah im guessing it would be energy… yeah it would be, I mean I cant think of anything else if it happend just at the moment of the big bang still though, I dont believe in the whole big bang anyways.

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hmm your probably right, I wasnt exactly I paying the best attention to the program haha.

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crap I just posted this in general knowledge..

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