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I need help! Science lab questions...

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It's mostly about replication and transcription of DNA.

There are a lot of questions and these are the ones I don't understand..

part 4: 1. Describe the structure of DNA. 3. List the steps involved in the copying of DNA before cell division. 5. Describe the process of transcription.

part 6: 26. Speculate about what would happen if the nucleotide pairs in the replicated dna were not in the same sequence as the original dna. 27. Write the mRNA transcription of the DNA sequence presented below. CTG TTC ATA ATT Next, write the tRNA anticodons that would pair with the mRNA transcription. 38. If you transcribed the "wrong" side of the DNA molecule, what would the result be? How might this affect the proteins that the organism produced? 39. What are the advantages of having DNA remain in the nuclues of eukaryotice cells?