Original Sin

Here is an interesting thought I over heard today.

If Jesus is God or the Son of God born to flesh, why did He not inherit original sin?

Perhaps some one might have an idea.

Answer #1

AMEN xiiqzaq !!

Answer #2

His purpose was to be the sacrifice for mans sins - He was both God and man - He wanted to experience what we have to go through as far as temptations/trials - the God side obviously enabled Him to resist temptation (Garden of Gethsimanie) - the man side revealed there also when He said “My God, My God, why has’t thou forsaken me ?” - He was not born into sin (naturally concieved)…I hope this helps.

Answer #3

because he was not concieved sexually. He was concieved by a virgin.”immaculate conception.” that’s the catholic version anyway

Answer #4

I think I should have outlined the description of what Original Sin is.

Used with the definite article (“the original sin”), it refers to the first sin, committed when Adam and Eve succumbed to the serpent’s temptation, commonly known as “the Fall”.

This first sin (“the original sin”) is traditionally understood to be the cause of “original sin” (the fallen state of humanity).

According to Christian theology, original sin (also called ancestral sin, hereditary sin, birth sin, or person sin) is the fallen state of humanity. In the history of Christianity this condition has been characterized as something as insignificant as a slight deficiency to something as drastic as total depravity.

Western Christian tradition regards it as the general condition of sinfulness (lack of holiness) into which human beings are born, distinct from any actual sins that a person may or may not commit later.

This isn’t about how Jesus was conceived or about sex. It is about the “fallen state of humanity.” Being born as a human, how did He not inherit original sin?

Answer #5

O.k. If I understand your question correctly you want to know how Christ did not inherit the toxic, spiritually deadly, sin gene. Looking at scripture as a whole, Old and New Testaments, there are all the old sacrifices of the first born lambs, for the sins of the Israelites. They were to be without spot, defect, blemish of any kind or infirmity. In a manner of speaking, sinless. Likewise, when Christ came to earth in the form of a baby, born of a virgin, He did not inherit the sin gene because he was not an imperfect human. He was as scripture calls Him, wholly God and fully man. Christ was to be the sacrificial Lamb to pay for the sins of humanity. No one but Christ could do this because we all have sinned in one way or another. In essence, Christ was fully human in form but was never tainted with sin. He was tempted though as we are in all things so He would sympathize with our plight as frail and needy humans. Many points in Scripture point to this fact. Hebrews 4. 14 - 15. 2 Corinthians 5. 21 are just a couple, but show His deity and humanity. In the fallen state of humanity the chain of sin needed to be broken. Christ broke that chain though His sinless life, death, and glorious resurrection. Blessings to you.

Answer #6

I know you want to try to explain this without sex, however it doesn’t work that way. According to Christian teaching, Jesus was only born of the seed of the woman- no sperm. Every other person is the direct descendant of sperm and egg. The sin is carried through the sperm. (Genesis 3:15). At the same time, the Catholic Church teaches that Mary was “immaculately Conceived” by the holiness of Christ [to: DONDO many people incorrectly think that the Immaculate Conception teaching is about Jesus. It is rather a teaching in the Catholic Church about Mary) . Basically, that when Mary was conceived that the Holiness of Christ and his sacrifice reached back into time to purify her, so even if she may have had the stain of “original sin” (removed by Baptism) she had no “committed sin”.

Answer #7

I just recently read somewhere that the blood for a baby comes thru the fathers egg…and I beleive it<<< silverwings If this is one of your rare attempts at original thought then I must declare you plain and simply mad.

Answer #8

I just recently read somewhere that the blood for a baby comes thru the fathers egg… so, if this is true, and I believe it came thru a valid source, then it perfectly explains it. The fathers(Holy Spirit) line was pure.

Answer #9

So anyway. “With God everything is possible.”

The end.

Answer #10

I want to know what egghead dreamed up this original sin concept.

Answer #11

Got bad news. . . Your born innocent of sin, Sin is not inherited.

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