What is your opinions about Volcano Yellowstone?

Ok so today in sience We learned about volcano yellowstone, and how if it errupts it has been predicted to kill all man kind. Thats… Kinda scary, i mean it scared all of us.. How can a volcano be so massive? We have been learning about volcanoes and I didn’t know there was this volcano that could affect this much. Specially us in colorado we would be so dead, since yellowstone is in wyoming :/

Answer #1

woah haha i just realized something, if that volcano does erupt it would be a global disaster but what if it erupts in 2012? haha maybe that is what was predicted haha it would erupt dec 21 2012 haha. im JUST KIDDING people haha. the volcano is huge like you said, but its very uncommon to have one in the middle of a continent. but idk its weird when you think about it that we are sitting on a ticking time bomb

Answer #2

IF the Super-volcano were to erupt it would be a global disaster. However, it has been several hundred thousand years since it last erupted (as a Super-volcano). So it will probably be some time before it does again. Hopefully, we will better understand the mechanisms, and how to control / redirect / defuse the situation.

Answer #3

We are all doomed. The good thing about Yellowstone erupting is, I’m on the west coast so I’ll have some time before it circles the earth and wipes me out. I have my boy friend and pizza, party time. Actually it will probably cause global cooling and we’ll all slowly freeze to death. Unless there is a god. oops. Am I politically incorrect?

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