What is your opinion on the study of cloning and therapeutic cloning?

I think they should do it for medical purposes such as replicating kidneys and other organs needed.

Answer #1

While a huge part of me would be majorly impressed and amazed at how far science and technology has come when we can clone humans, body parts, animals, etc perfectly since doing so could save billions of peoples lives and help cure diseases that would normally take a persons life. However, where to we start to draw the line? Death and diseases are a part of life and as much as we care about our love ones, without the number of deaths we have and with elderly people living even longer than they are now we risk over population and not to mention running out of government money to care for them. Where would we draw the line at cloning humans? You would have people picking out their “perfect” children - seems a bit similar to Hitlers vision there. I dont believe parents should be allowed to create a perfect child. We need diffrences, individuality, and a child should be loved for who they are - not what you made them.

Answer #2

its a crazy science, its good 4 d world cos it also make thing easier 4 some lots

Answer #3

Totally agree with your points, but just want to point out the difference between therapeutic and reproductive cloning. Therapeutic cloning is only for replacement tissue, not for creating a new person (reproductive cloning).

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