Ok im 25 year old im shit scared to drive

I dont drive im shit scared to drive should I be ashame of myself ? I cant get myself to do it

Answer #1

im also 20 haha but driving is great. the thing most drivers make is that they don’t pay attention and thats why most accidents happen. if or when you start driving don’t worry about your driving just worry on what is going on around you. that way you can avoid a lot of things. I taught 2 people how to drive and both were scared shitless but now both love to drive

Answer #2

its funn! im 20 and I drive(:

Answer #3

im 22 and I dont even have my learner license, im so terrified of driving. I dont think its that much of a problem, I can get around using public transport and there is nothing stopping me from learning to drive if and when I want to. Theres nothing to be ashamed of

Answer #4

no, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. drivers are nuts! I’m 20, mind you, but I hate driving…my mother in law is dang near 50 and she is literally afraid to ride in a car, let alone drive it. unless you live in a podunk town where there’s like 2 cars in the road, fear is going to be imminent…that’s why they made buses! tehe

Answer #5

Have you ever been in a car crash before ? my mom only started driving when she was 33 ! she is 35 now ! the reason she never drove in the past was that she had been in a few car crashes! do what my mom did ! ask a friend or someone you know to teach you to drive or show you a few things! if your out with your friends and their diving ask them a few questions ! after a while maybe ask if they will show you some things and let you sit in the drivers seat ! then maybe after getting comfortable with the objects they will let you drive around a mall parking lot at night ( so you cant hit anything :-) )

 Hope this helps !
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