Is driving easy?

ok i am almost fourteen and i know how to drive but im scared that when im 16 ill be scared of like intersections and other people is it easy to deal with??

Answer #1

Driving Is not hard I have been driving sence I was 12 now I am 15 What you do if you have any back roads by your house that hardly anybody travles on ask your parents if you can practice driving on. I live 20 miles away from Huntington West Virgina and they are Really Crappy Drivers They will run over you!!

Answer #2

That’s why they have driver’s-ed programs that you will be forced to take. I was uneasy about the same things, and I live in Los Angeles. A LOT more to be worried about, with all the crazies on the road here and traffic!!

Just wait, you’ll be surprised how NOT scary driving is. Plus by the time you’re 16 you’ll have a little more maturity. It’s not as big a deal as you think, you’ll see. You’ll catch on pretty quickly.

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