Did the driving age get changed yet part 2

Im 15 years old, from long island new york. Im prayyying that the driving age did not change. Becuase im excite to drive at 17/18ish I think that if it doesnt go up, ill get my permit at 16 and full licence at 17 My birthdays january 12, 1994

Let me know what driving age ill get my permit and my licenceee

Answer #1

New York:

Learners: 16 years

Restricted: 16 years, 6 months

Full license: 17 years (with Driver’s education, otherwise 18)

Answer #2

Yepp. That law didn’t pass. There were too many people against it, and not enough people agreeing with it.

Answer #3

It did’nt go up… You’ll get Your permit at sixteen and license at eighteen…

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