Why do people say im weird because im scared to be home alone?

Im 13 years old and I here noises and stuff when im home alone. Is it that bad?

Answer #1

Paranoid? Nothing weird about that.

Answer #2

no its completely normal no one wants to be left by themselves, this is not weird their just trying to act like their all not babies sometimes it true that their scared too.

its not at all bad, weird,strange,its none of that its normal but if you do here something call you mom or dad who’s ever numbers on the fridge

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Answer #3

no that is so not weird sometimes I get afraid if it is too quiet or too noisy its like it has to be right in between and not too many people but at least someone around ya know? everyone has their quirks and I think im kinda weird but we just gotta try and embrace who we are =) and then just surround yurself with friends so your hardly ever alone :)

Answer #4

No, I myself like to be alone, but Some people don’t feel sucure because they just don’t. Don’t go by what people say, you don’t like to be alone, you don;t like to be alone. Piriod.

Answer #5


I remember when I was 13. and my mom had to run to walmart for something. so she said if I was ok to be home alone for like 15min. and I said yes. all the doors was lock the windows was lock. and it was dark outside. and I was hearing noise and things. and I got so scared. that I ran out the house down the street and called my mom

Answer #6

It’s not weird at all. Don’t let what people say get to you, especially somethig like this. It shouldn’t matter to others if you don’t like being home alone. I used to be the same way! It’s just paranoia, no need to worry (:

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