Not sure if my male cat was fixed, how do I know?

My family and I picked up a male cat from petsmart some time ago. We were told that the cat was fixed. He has been a great cat up until few days ago. We have let him go outside now and again ,but he really is inside 95% of the time. He now runs from us, sprays and meows like crazy. Did are cat get fixed? Is this normal? Help please.

Answer #1

Im dont think ur cat is fixed check his bhind, if it bothers u take him to the vet n get it done, even though he is outside for a lil while u might have kittens running around very soon if he finds a female in heat.

Answer #2

Check under his tail, if you see 2 furry balls he’s probably NOT fixed, but you can always take him to the vet just to be sure.

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