if a male cat is fixed, how can you tell it is really a male

I have a cat that came to my house and has stayed. It does not act like my other cat, which is female. It doesn’t bathe itself as much. It is more playful and loves more attention than she does. Could it be because it has been fixed? Thanks

Answer #1

Un-neutered male cats have testicles…you can see them from the back when his tail is up…if you see nothing, then he’s been neutered. All cats have their own personalities…some are shyer, some are noisier, some more playful, some more affectionate…


Answer #2

If you can feel a testicle (it will feel like a marble) in the scrotal sac, then he is not neutered. When you check don’t squeeze too hard because you might injure him or cause him pain. If you feel nothing but furry skin, then he is neutered. Take him to the vet if your are not sure. He will live a better life if he is neutered. If he is not, have your vet neuter him.

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