What do I do my male cat mounts my female kitten?

About a week ago I got a new female kitten, she’s 4months old and nuetered. I noticed today that my male cat has started mounting her, he’s even biting the kittens neck. I’m worried for her. I guess this is a step up from kicking, scratching and what not but is he hurting her? She does not seem into it and I do know if this id=s just a dominance thing or what. The male is also fixed but this is the first time I’ve seen this behavior. Can anyone out there help me? Thanks

Answer #1

my male did this too to my girl and both were fixed as well. just stop the action when you see it. if he gets worse squirt him with a water spray bottle. my male learned quick he was not to do that.

Answer #2

Well, if your female has been spayed and the male isnt neautered, he will still mount her since he is intact and is hormonal…lol seriously…my one yr old pug isnt neautered and my female is spayed and he will mount her…its natural…as long as he isnt hurting the kitten, dont worry…if you notice he is spraying around the house, you may want to get him neautered. As long as she is spayed as you mentioned, she cant get pregnant

Answer #3

None of you read apprently because BOTH cats are fixed. Nevermind

Answer #4

He is fixed

Answer #5

You need to keep them seperated until one of them is fixed unless you want more lil kittens

Answer #6

just stop them

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