how to stop male cat fighting with female?

I have a 15 month male and a 18 month female. The female had been spayed at 5 months. The male unfortunately just got neutered on Dec.29/09. Before the neutering he was fighting with the female. Advise was to have him neutered, which I know I should have done months ago. No change, the male still fights with the female and beats the tar out her. I need help. They lives just find for months, and now he just smells her out and beats her. How can I stop this..I have had cats all my life and never come across this problem before. I have another maie who is 8 years old and no problem there.

Many thanks


Answer #1

well you have to wait because if they grow together and all they will learn to be together and all… just give them thir time, meaby put them in separate rooms or something…


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