How do I know if my Male Cat is Fixed?

I got my cat when he was 3 months old. I took him to the vet to get fixed when he was a little older like 6 months or whatever the age is that you can get your cat fixed. Since then he has sprayed all over the walls, pees on our persian rugs, my bed, the guest room bed, the carpets, in the guest room and.. any way you get the point. He is now 5 years old and I just realized that the problem may be that he was not fixed. I am so mad. I feel like the Vet sho claimed he fixed the cat should pay for all the cleaning. It will cost me well over $4000 to get everything cleaned. I thought if you get your cat fixed early enough, he will not spray. am I wrong? How do I know that he has been fixed? Is there anything I can do about the vet lying to me if my cat was not fixed? I would appreciate any answer from anyone who really knows the answer. thank you.

Answer #1

Neutering your cat does not mean it will prevent it from spraying - at any age.

However, as stated before, if he was fixed he would not have any testicles.

Answer #2

Male cats mark their territories. even my female. she looks pretty funny doing it. If he was fixed he won’t have the equipment showing. get the idea?

Answer #3

he will still have the scrotum but his testicales should not be there. if they are they feel like two little marbles

Answer #4

Male cat’s testicales are very obvious…does he have any??

Also…some male animals are born with the ability to produce more testosterone than others (they never lose the ability to breed, only the ability to reproduce)…I’ve seen it in horse and dogs, so why not cats?? He may be one of those…and therefore retained a need to mark territory…


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