Do nose peircings hurt?

Answer #1

No not any worse than gettin ur ear pierced

Answer #2

Of course they hurt. You’re shoving a needle through your skin. In a sensitive place also. The only way it wouldn’t hurt is if you get a needle to numb it but you would have to endure the prick and scorch of the numbing stuff. Very painful. So yes. To answer your question it hurts

Answer #3

Any kind of peircing will hurt, if you ice it, the pain won’t be so bad.

Answer #4

Mine didn’t hurt, but it depends on your pain tolerance.

Answer #5

Every piercing hurts to some extent depending on where they are and your pain tollerance. Although, a lot of people won’t admit it. For me, my nose was painful, but not as painful as my conch. Keep in mind it is going to hurt (unless you want to be a wuss and use something to numb it) but it’ll go away. If you really want this piercing, go for it! Go through the pain and healing process and be left with a cute piercing. :)

Answer #6

No not at all! It is one of the lease painful spots to get peirced

Answer #7

it depends on your pain tolerance..pinch your nose really hard; that’ll give you some kind of idea of what it may feel like. just don’t think about it and it’ll be fine.

Answer #8

not really. it hurts more when it gets infected later

Answer #9

I have had numerous piercings and as well it does depend on your pain tolerance. I think the part that got me the most is whatever side you get pierced that eye will water and only that eye..exp i got my right side pierced and my right eye watered. LOL and messed my make up all up.. but it isnt that bad. by far the least painful of the piercings

Answer #10

depends which kind. i got my septum done and it hurt a little, it makes your eyes water and its sore for about 2 weeks

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