nose and eyebrow peircings? girls and guys answer please =]

what do you guys think about eyebrow peircings on girls? I kinda want one but I cant decide between nose or eyebrow. opinions?? thank youu very much =]

Answer #1

I think it depends on the girl. Normally, I don’t usually like them, but they look really good on that rare girl.

I like nose. (: And they hardly hurt at all. Mine didn’t, anyway.

Answer #2

Personally I don’t really care too much for body piercings other than ears. If I had to chose, I would probably go for nose. Eyebrows for me look too goth or emo.

Answer #3

Depends on the girls face features I had them both and at the same time and it looked cute. my nose ring was really small you only saw a little diamond and also my eyebrow earing was really small and in gold with little diamond. it depends on the jewlery also you dont want to get a big hoop on your eyebrow. Look at the jewlery he has and if he has nothing nice and small look online for body jewlery and buy it and then take it to them b/c you will be stuck with whatever jewlery he has for 8 weeks

Answer #4

Nose, definatly

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