How much does nose pirecings hurt 1-10 ?

1-10 how much does it hurt does it hurt more then top ear pircings cause some people say it hurts and some dont

Answer #1

mine didnt hurt at alll and I did mine myself.. dont do that tho hahaa I just got lucky it turned out really good and didnt even get infected at all.! prob a 3 in pain level so I think you should get it , its so worth it. (:

Answer #2

Well, different people have different pain levels. The person above me can obviously deal with pain a lot better than me, I thought my nose hurted a lot! It hurt so much more than my nape (neck), but then some people can say nape hurts much more than a nose piercing. I’ve had to have mine done twice and believe me the second time through scar tissue was the worst. But, after it’s all done, it’s worth it :)!

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