Nose peircings

Well, for my 15th birthday I want to get my nose peirced. My mom’s cool with it. But I was wondering if any of you have nose peircings. The stud peircings. So, how much does it hurt? Like on a scale of 1-20. And what are the chances of it getting infected?

Answer #1

I have had mine peirced twice :) the 1st time I got it done and it got infected even thougth I was cleaning it every day and so I took it out then a couple years later I decided to peirce it again by my self… I went to walmart and got a peircing gun and did it my self and I’ve had it for 2 years now and it hasnt gotten infected at all… and the pain is about a 3 or 4

Answer #2

I never got mine done. But I know a lot of people that did.

They all said the same thing: It didn’t hurt much at all.

So I’m guessing it doesn’t really hurt.

Like any piercing, if you keep it clean, it won’t get infected.

Answer #3

I’ve had mine pierced twice and I would say it was about a 7 both times, get it done with a needle its better for the cartilage in your nose. If you keep it clean and wash it with savlon or warm salty water or something like that then its not likely to get infected, hope this helped :)

Answer #4

I am first going to say that you better get it at a shop, not at some hut in the mall. They’ll use a gun and a stud, which is REALLY bad because a gun is only good for ear lobe piercings, and I use the term “good” very loosely because it just forces a blunt stud through your flesh, causing undue trauma, prolonging the healing time and increasing risk of infection. If you get your nostril pierced with a gun, you’ll probably have it messed up and infected within a week. Go to a REAL professional, not some teenager who was certified by Claire’s. Go for a ring if you can, for starters; they’re easier to clean, and a clean piercing is less susceptible to infection! Most shops recommend starting with the hoop, and then going in 4-6 weeks down the line to swap it for a stud. Just use common sense, whether you take my advice or not. Your nose will thank you.

Answer #5

I got mine pierced two weeks ago im forteen it hurt about a 2 it hasnt got infected because I take care of it. i9 have a stud in it hasnt cause me any problems.

good luck

Answer #6

I have one. I would say its about the same as getting your ears peirced

Answer #7

I’ve pierced my own nose once && it didn’t hurt that bad.

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