I've had my nose peirced for a month and am getting surgery...

so I have to switchit out with a plastic retainer during the process, does anyone know if I’ll be able to do this, considering its such a new peircing?

Answer #1

Nope. never change the jewellery until it has healed or you could get scar tissue/keloids.

Answer #2

I have had my nose pierced since I was 11 and now I am 18 I have many piercings “ you can look at my photos if you want” but just take it out right before like after you get changed into the gown then right after you get done put it back in it will hurt a bit but you will be okay. I took mine out 2 days after I pierced it cause I had to get x-rays done and put it back in 5-6 hours later and it hurt but I was okay hope this helps

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