How to get teachers to know me for who I am?

okay, so in school im really quiet, and all the teachers look at me like im always quiet and good. when I get home im 1 of the loudest people on earth. I no teachers might like and get 2 know me 4 who I am if I could djust b myself. how can I do this caz its hard?

Answer #1

you have to just let yourself go, it’s just really learning how to?

Answer #2

I know exactly what your going through trust me im the exact same way totally shy and quiet infront of people I dont know and a riot infront of people I do know this year I made a promise to myself to become more outspoken and out there so I choose cources that required a lot of class presentations and group work. this helped me to loose the whole quiet side of me at first I was really nervous about it especially about the whole presenting thing but after the first couple of goes I was fine. becoming more out spoken and extravereted let other people see who I really am good luckk

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