How do I get my teacher off my back

My teacher is going to call my mom because she said that I was writing about the same thing on my essays, rape. Then she gave it to another teacher and had her read it and she says that the teacher should call my mother because if im writing about the same thing over and over again. That means its something going on at home. To me thats bllsit, because she doesnt live with me and she doesnt know what goes on at home. What should I do?

Answer #1

I am far more concerned about this question especially since your last two questions were:

How to tell my Mom about how I was raped?


How do I tell my mentor that I was raped?

You then write above saying: ,That means its something going on at home. To me thats bllsit’.

Your questions indicate that something bad is/has been going on in your life and it is so important that you can talk to someone that you trust about this.

maybe you are subconsciously bringing up your fears and anger about abuse through your essays.

Please allow your school to help you cope with these terrible things. You are a teen, you are not to blame for what happened.

Your school has most likely dealt with similar issues like this in the past.

Be strong!


Answer #2

its really hard to tell your mom I had to and it took me years but I wish I did it a lot sooner you should just blurt it out thats the best way atleast for me it was and teachers have to report certain things like rape and abuse so she just doing her job talk to your mom abaout it ull feel better about urself and all thw eight is gone and you can get help and talk to people who went through what you did

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