My parents think I'm turning out like my sister!?!

So, I’m in college, a freshman and 18. My parents won’t let me move in with another friend, we are both female. I think they think I’m going to turn out like my sister, She is married and has 2 kids, a GED, makes mininum wage, her husband won’t get a job, lives in a trailer park, is 22. I want to make the typical college move, I’m going to be like 30 minutes away from them, I want to be closer to school. Where we want to move is right in-between our folks.

P.S. I have been working since I was 14

How can I help my parents understand that I need and want to move out? My mom is always saying how mature I am, why won’t they let me go???

Answer #1

your parents probably see you are doing so well, and know how easy it s to ‘get distracted’…and they may have trusted your sister once, and I don’t think it’s that they think you’ll turn out like your sister…because whats happened to your sister happends to many people…maybe they just want the best for you??

I agree that you should sit them down, and highlight what you have achieved and you feel that progressing to the next level is the natural progression. acknowledge to them that you understand that they worry about you ‘falling of the wagon’ (in effect) but you have bigger aspirations for your life, and you would like to experiance living independently.

you are of legal age to live independently, but I understand it would be a much nicer experiance if you did it with their consent, and thats the point I think. you want to do this, but I don’t think you want to cause an atmosphere when you see them…

look into everything, get housing info, work out your finances and demonstrate to them you really have considered the finanical, physical, educational and emotional implications of it all…

Answer #2

Thank you everyone who has answered my question.

I have a roommate lined up, finances planed, an apartment picked out, and a full time job.

I pay for my own schooling, the only thing my parents will be paying is my car insurance. I pay for all repairs on my car.

Answer #3

like katycat said…they just want whats best for you… There’s 11 kids in my house and my eldest brother is 26 and lives at home! You should sit them down and work out a compromise

Answer #4

Sit your parents down and tell them that if they just need to trust you on this. Because your sister is not you, and they shouldn’t be so protective of you if you’re now an adult.

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You are 18 so you have the right to move out they can’t stop you, you are no longer a minor. If anything I would say talk to them and let them know your opinion on this. Then let them realize your not your sister you are you and you are not going to be like her cause your not her. I would for sure talk to them about it and let them know how you feel and that you are 18 and can make the choice for yourself.

Answer #7

They are just being parents…they want the best for you…at least they aren’t kicking you out…promise them if your grades slip you will move back…whose paying for college anyway? and those expenses where you’ll move? are you going to work and still go to school? these are lots of responsibilities for someone your age…good luck and I am glad someone like you has such initiative…

Answer #8

You are 18 if you think this is the right decision then go. Just make sure you have considered every detail, minor and major, before going. Make sure not to let yourself go once you do move, if that is what you chose. Your parents are just upset because they feel like they have failed your sister and don’t want to fail another child. Sit down with your mom one day and your dad another and talk with them. Normally talking to them individually eliminates stress off of you and them. Try with some different things. I hope everything works out fine.

Answer #9

umm if you are 18 you are able to make your own desitons no matter what so if you feel that you are able to move out with a friend than go ahead I told my mom that I was and she was like go for it but there are going to be some bumps in the road wehre you are not going to have anuff money some times to pay the bill s but you will always find ways good luck

Answer #10

your 18 just do what you want

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