How to get them to stop thinking I'm going to be like my sister?

ok! well my parents tell me all the time im going to be like my sister I hate her and im not going to be her…I told my mom and my dad im so not going to be my sister she cant have a good job or thing I told my parents please stop saying that im going to be me not her so stop im sad and mad you dont know how I feel I dont think my parents care I know my mom and dad love me but because my mom and dad say it people say it all the time and poeple say I look a lot like her I just wut to kill her how can I stop people of saying im going to be her…and how help me please!!! I hate it so much!!!

Answer #1

I think maybe your sister has caused them so much concern that by them saying it, they are actually trying to prepare themselves for all the same trouble again. it’s unfair to judge you by your sisters actions.

next time, just say to them, ‘what have I ever done to make you think I am gonig to be like my sister? I know you have been hurt by her, but the comments you make, when I have done noting wrong are unfair and hurt me’

parents feel they treat all their children the same, so surely they should be the same? wrong! but you need to just prove yourself, if you don’t get anywhere with what I just said, just perservere and be the more mature…one day, they’ll realise…

I understand what you’re saying about hate, but I think some of that is resentment because you feel you’re being judged by her standards. family are family, you don’t have to like them, but they are an integral part of your life. I love my little brother, but I don’t see my gib brother, he’s a selfish millionaire who is governed by his money, when I have little. I don’t hate HIM for his money, I hate what the money has done to him, but you only let things or people do something to you if you either want to, or your prepared to live with it most of the time I’m talking money FYI)

I know you don’t like your sister, but you need to decipher why, is it because of how she is or what she does? if so, she will probably gorw out of it one day, not everyone gets it right I’m afraid…

Answer #2

Say ‘no, im going to be bette than my sister’

Answer #3

Hate is a very strong word. How can you hate her so bad? She is your sister. My sister annoys me sometimes and I even call her a b*itch, but I would never hate her. Thats my sissy, my blood. I would say just ignore everyone thats telling you that stuff if it bothers you that bad

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