What to do when my parents think I'm lying?

What do I do when my parents think I’m lying at every turn and doesn’t believe a thing I’m saying. The thing I hate most is when someone falsely accuses me of something. I did absolutely nothing wrong. I had this job that I did with my friend for a couple of days but it was a 12 hour job and I used to leave at 6am with him. My parents then accused me of doing other things while I was out, Stuff like drugs and I never touched the stuff in my life. This house is depressing because no one is talking to me and I just feel like running away… What should I do?

Answer #1

It appears you would be wise to seek ways to re-establish credibility with your family and show them you can be responsible…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

I think you should try telling them one more time, but if they still don’t believe you, tell them that you are willing to take a drug test to prove it. At that point they should believe you, but if they don’t, then do the test. it would make them believe you for sure!!

Answer #3

I think you should talk to your parents and see what makes them think that almost everything you do is wrong.

Answer #4

Video tape yourself at work every day (DO NOT MISS A SECOND) and after each day, send them the video. They wil get annoyed, and besides which, it is undeniable proof that they were wrong and should apologize to you. However, if you have MY mom, then there is basicly no way out of this situation then to cry out your misery and tell her how absurd it is that she thinks you don’t go to work. (youd get fired if you didn’t go anyway :P)

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