Why does my cat pee on the floor by her litter box?

why does my cat pee everywhere? my dad is thinking about getting rid of her if she doesnt stop. she pees on anything thats on the ground. could it b a medical problem? or is she just lazy??? shes like the coolest cat evr and I dont want to say goodbye.

Answer #1

Your cat is seeking attention. Check out other reasons at http://www.akatoo.com/question.html?question_id=4895687 Good luck.

Answer #2

when cats pee their marking their territory

Answer #3

She could have a U.T.I

Answer #4

Any cat that is at least four months old the age at which most cats reach sexual maturity. Unneutered males are most likely to pee every where to make their space >.< . Neutered males, unneutered females, and neutered females also may show this behavior.

Answer #5

maybe your cat is pickey like mine!!! He pees everywhere if his litter box is not clean enough for him. And my aunts cat does it if the litter is not change directly after it uses it. :( it’s terrible!! But I love my cat :) he’s awesome!!

Answer #6

Is your cat litter box trained? Most cats don’t actually have to be trained per say but cats need a place to “go” that isn’t on your floor. After your cat has gotten used to peeing on the floor, she thinks thats where she’s supposed to go. It smells like it to her! I would try soaking up some of her urine and depositting the “smell” to wherever you want her to go to the bathroom. Also, clean the floor areas were she goes with an animal odor eliminator. That will keep her from smelling the amonia in the floor and help to keep her from thinking its a bathroom. If you think she’s being teritorial, I would look up a perfessional website to get tips on how to ease that behavior but it sounds to me like she just needs a little adjustment in her

Also if she’s always done it, I really feel like what I’ve sugested above will work, but if she’s suddenly started it out of nowhere, it could be a sign of a medical illness and I would get her to a vet.

Answer #7

Litter box training is kind of simple, put the cat in the litter box and grab its paws and start digging through the litter box. That should clear up the problems.

Answer #8

Several things could be going on…

she might not like the liter box… (I took the lid off mine and magically she stopped peeing everywhere), so… these are options, remember to keep her old one around till you figure out a good combination

get a bigger litter box get a smaller litter box get one with a lid get one without a lid change the litter clean the box more often put the box in a different location get a second box

if none of this works she could have an infection and she needs to go to the vet

Answer #9

, if you should catch her in the act.. stop her by taking her up and carry her to her literbox or outside… also after she drinks water… give her some time then carry her outside… after she pees then carry her back inside… ( this sometimes work but it takes patience.)..

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