ok I just got this cat in august and she won’t use the litter box after she or my other cat have used it. she just decides that she will take a crap outside of the box. how do make her crap in the box???

Answer #1

She doesn’t want to share the litter box - some cats are very particular.

You’ll need to get two litter boxes.

You can try gradually breaking it down to one again by slowly moving the litter boxes together day by day until they are right next to each other - then you can get rid of one, but chances are the cat wants her own box.

Your other option is to try re-training. Punish her when she goes outside the box, and praise her when she goes in it. This isn’t always as effective as it is for dogs, since cats have a tendency to just get irritated by you instead of feeling bad for doing something wrong.

I have 8 cats and one is like that. She just likes her litter box clean, so we try to scoop it everytime we notice it’s been used.

Answer #2

hmm yeah you might want to get her two litter boxes, or put them in different rooms (I know this is hard) or different corners at least so they know which one is theirs… also, if they’re covered, try removing the covers…

Answer #3

the vets say have as many litter boxes as how many cats you have like if you have 3 cats have 3 litter boxes

Answer #4

As I said before, for two cats you should have three boxes. and try to keep it clean. Now things don’t always work by the book, we all know that. I had two cats one liter box and cleaned it twice a day and they always used the box. you may need to just try different things and find out what works.

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