How can I get my cats to use their litter?


I have two indoor cats they are both fixed one female and one male, I have never had a problem with them using their litter boxes. We moved and they still used their litter boxes like they should. About a month ago one or both we don’t know which one is doing it but they are peeing on the couch and our bed, I have put out more litter boxes and make sure they are cleaned out all the time, however we still find a wet spot on our bed and couch every other day or so. What advice can I get to help them out so I don’t have to get rid of them.

Answer #1

Cats. Love them but they can be so stubborn!

So one of them might be trying to tell you something…do you have a new lover? Have you been spending less time at home? Sometimes they react emotionally to those type of changes, they even get jealous. It’s their way at getting back at you for not caring for them like you used too. Sometimes, it’s a question of making them feel comfortable with a new person or spending extra time with them.

That being said, you also have to be firm with them and scold them about this behavior, problem is you don’t know who it is right? Try to catch him or her in the act, try to observe them to see if one one them is acting out of the ordinary. They are probably the culprit!

You should also try closing the doors to your bedroom or living room (if possible). Also you can buy a special spray at the pet shop that deters them from peeing in the same place (and eating plants). You should also buy a special product that that helps wash the pee away and take the smell out (once they smell it they come back to the same place).

Hope this works!

Answer #2

my cat started peeing my bed and sofa when she lost her sight… maybe your cat isn’t well or is scared or is upset over something… ??? a couple of my cats kept peeing where they shouldn’t but since we’ve moved all is ok… they haven’t got the bully cat next door upseting them… cats are very emotional, my guess is something is upsetting him/her.

Answer #3

I’m going to assume there is nothing wrong with the cat(s), and that they are perfectly healthy. There is a spray out. It’s called Boundary. You can spray it on the furniture, and it’s supposed to keep pets off of the furniture.

Maybe one of them has an infection and can’t make it to the litter box(es)?

As someone else said, they react to change. So if you’re spending less time with them for some reason, maybe they are acting on that.

If I think of something else, I’ll add it.

Good luck!

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