African/white british Mix : Baby boys hair?

My little boys half Gambian and half white british. I’m (the white half) bringing him up on my own and have no african friends to ask for advice. I just wondered what to expect with my little mans skin colour and hair. He’s just had his first birthday and over the year he has got darker, when will his colour settle? His hair was growing fairly straight till I shaved it a few months ago, it’s come through quite thick now and it’s starting to curl in diferent directions. Should I be doing something to set it in a style as it grows (its barely a cm long) Will it change in texture as he grows? I am so clueless about his mixed heritage.. he is so gorgeous and I really want to give him a cute african style but I have no idea where to start!! Any advice? (his dad had super long, thick dreds) TJ’s hair is a thicker, curlier texture than mine but no where near as afro as his fathers!!!??

Answer #1

Okay hey I’m here to answer your question to the best of my abilities. I’m half African American, 1/4 German, and 1/4 Cherokee. I was born yellow, almost white and now I’m a cinnamon color. Don’t worry about your little man, mixed children tend to have beautiful features; no matter what their skin color. Even if he’s very dark he’ll still carry the skin color and the features very well. His hair may start to take after his father’s. The reason I believe this is true is because my hair was nice and wavy when I was growing up and then when I hit 4, my hair became very thick and the waves became tight curls. It shouldn’t be an issue, just remember to condition his hair a lot. Sorry to say this, but you can not alter the texture of your son’s hair. If it’s meant to be thick and curly then it will be, but you can make it long, healthy, and beautiful by taking care of it the way an African mother would take care of her child’s hair. I would advise you to keep the hair braided if it starts to thicken out, also keep it moist with black products. Good hair products for mixed children would be olive oil, BB super gro, maybe a good moisturizer, and conditioner. If you see dead ends trim them off every 2 months and watch his hair grow. LOL! Trust me you’ll be fine…your mother instinct will kick in real quick once you see it growing. The reason I know much about this is because I’m mixed…my hair texture is very soft and curly, with a c3-c4 curl, and it’s sandy brown. My mother grew my hair and she’s half African American, half Cherokee. Trust me you’ll be fine. My fathers Half German, Half African American…and I got his wild curly fro. LOL!

Answer #2

once he hits the age of 3 his hair and skin should settle. my son is also of mixed races. he was born with dark curly hair. once he was two it straitened out a lot and became a lighter brown. he looks olive complected and tends to get dark in the summer even with a high spf. just wait out the next year or two and see what developes.

Answer #3

If you want to grow your sons hair you can start to wrap it into dreads and they will probably look nicer than his fathers because it will have a British sheen and your very luck to have a beautiful baby I want one like yours hehe

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