What is the best way to mourn a relatives death?

Answer #1

My mom pasted away im March. Right from the hospital I took my brother over to my house, cranked Metallica and played Soul Caliber 4 until our thumbs blistered….

Answer #2

The best way is to give it time - grieving is a process and it doesnt happen fast. Everyone deals with death differently though, some talk to friends and family, some turn to churches and praying, some express themselves through writing, painting, etc, some may talk to a counselor, some turn to music, there are tons of ways to heal but only you can find what feels right and works for you.

Answer #3

I’m sorry for your loss. I havent actually lost anyone close to me, so I dont know through personal experience. But I have worked with grieving kids. One of them would visit the grave every week. She would also go to church. One of them carried around pictures of her grandmother. An exercise one my friends did with her clients was she made a memory book, and filled it with pictures, songs, quotes, memories of the person she lost. Obviously, they were seeing a counselor, so that’s one thing, but all of them talked to someone. Either a parent, a friend, or a professional if there’s no one else that works. You do what you feel is comfortable. But know that grieving is a process. And it takes time for things to heal. But if you are having an especially hard time dealing, especially if it has been a while, it might be something called complicated grief, and you may want to consider a counselor.

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