why is my mom trying to make me girly?

she dont jnderstands that i like to wear cargo pants and t shirts and bang out with boys. that i like skateboarding and beating up people.(i do have female friends)

she wants me to be a skirt wearing pinl lipgloss loving girl.

when i dont give a d@mn about it.
so why do you think she wants me to change.
Answer #1

Maybe she’s just stuck in the old days, and doesn’t realize that things are different now….and it’s not wrong to dress like that.

Maybe you and her need to sit down together, and have a nice, calm talk. Tell her how you feel, and that you are who you are. Tell her you just wish she would accept you for who you are, and what you like.

Answer #2

i’m the same way, she just doesnt get why you arent the way she was when she was younger or why youre not like her friends were or your sisters if you have them. it doesnt make you any lesser or better she just doesnt get it. get used to it, most people dont. but it doesnt make you weird, its just makes you different.

Answer #3

yes i have a twin and shes the opposite

Answer #4

see she is just comparing you to her and to what she believes to be “normal”, normal which has absolutely no meaning to me what so ever due to the fact that you are normal to who you are and everyone else is normal to who they are.she shouldnt care what you wear or who you hang out with. no one should care what you wear as long as youre a good person. or it could be her worrying about you becoming gay or being gay already? which isnt a big deal to me but some people dont get it.

Answer #5

Your mom shouldn’t try to make you girly,because then you will be no longer you.In this case,you can only talk to her and make her understand,just tell her that “accept the I am because wearing skirts and lip gloss will do nothing,but I will be looking fake” She might compare you with people and explaining her can be difficult,don’t forget to listen her views also,and what she wants. Just explain what you want and go for it.

Answer #6

*Accept the way I am

Answer #7

That is the way u are, you shouldnt try to change. trust me. i was made fun of alot at my last school because i wasnt like the other girls. i liked screamo bands and other rock music, and everyone liked jesse mccartney or the backstreet boys. i wore goth clothes and rock and roll tshirts and they wore skirts and small little tanks. how ur describing urself sorta reminds me of a greaser…. but dont change. i forced myself to change, and to this day i still try and fit in with everyone else. i forced myself to be different, and it was never what i wanted. everyone is different, and everyone has their own style. stick with the one that makes u happy.

Answer #8

I agree with Yashica, talk to your mom about it all and ask her what her problem with your usual attire is. Having a twin can be hard because everybody is always comparing the two of you. Remember that you are your own person and people should love you for you.

Answer #9

She has her ideas of gender roles. And as far as she’s concerned girls are supposed to be girly. It’s the same life long battle I’ve had with my mother. She still yells at me for not carrying a purse. I’ve accepted that is the way she sees it. And then I let it go. Trying to convince her to change her mind would be doing exactly what she was trying to do to me. I’m trying to make her see it my way, and she’s trying to make me see it her way. What exactly am I going to get out of that. Let it go. It’s how your mother sees things. She has a right to her opinion. And you have a right to dress the way you want.

Answer #10

OMG I <3 Girr! hes adorable!! oh and idk why shes making u girly

Answer #11

well im sorry to be a girl get over it !

Answer #12

hmmm i think its because she wants you to be life ur twin. i wouldnt dress the way she wants me too. your mom should except you for you and if she doesnt well then sorry to say she selfish

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