What should I do my best friends are trying to make me scene?

I don’t really believe in stereotypes, but anyways, my friend claims she is “scene” and so does my other one, but I’m just myself. There both trying to make me scene, I’ve said that I can’t change who I am and they were like “you can” but I don’t want to… how can I get them to leave me alone?

Answer #1

tell them your not a label or a billboard. you dress and act and do what you do because you like it. now I dont know if they’r doing what their doing to fit in with whats cool from where you are. but just be your self. they should respect that.

Answer #2

simply say labels are for soup cans and that your a naked can!!! haha sweetie be you!!! if they were your friends they wouldnt be forcing you to do things you dont agree with

Answer #3

tell them how you feel, that you dont believe in stereotypes + you don’t want to become scene. if needs be, find some new friends :)

Answer #4

you say: or I should say, this is what id say…

I dont mean to be rude but Scene isnt me, so piss off, im bad a@@ as I am

leave the piss off out if you dont like it or change it to summet else:

I dont mean to be rude but Scene isnt me, so please stop pestering me to become 1… please?

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