Make my hair blond without tellin my mom!!!

I want my hair to b lighter but my mom doesnt want me to get highlights because its damagin! I really dont care tho. Is there anythin in a common house hold that works?

Answer #1

do NOT put sun-in in and do NOT PUT peroxide in.,..,.,youll regret it. sun-in can turn your hair orange. peroxide can make your hair fall out.

Answer #2

Get Sun-In, or something else from a hair product place that lightens hair without dye. Look online for ideas.

Answer #3

You should respect your Mom - she’s looking after your best interests because she love you and Cares…many, many, many, parents don’t - be Thankful, we don’t live forever.

Answer #4

I’ve been told that sunin really really damages your hair wourse that geting poroxide put in it!!

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