Is there a way to get all the moisture out of a wine bottle?

I have a wine bottle filled with flower petals, there might be a little bit of moisture in it and I don’t want the petals to rot, is there a way to get the moisture out?

Answer #1

Roll up a paper towel taquito style (best way I can describe it, lol), then put it down inside the bottle. Leave it there overnight or for a few hours and all the moisture will be out of it. ^.^

Answer #2

shake around some dry rice inside the bottle, or put it in the oven (start with the oven off) and turn it up to 250F.

Answer #3

u can get a pump thingy to seal ur opened wine bottle securely. the rest i work at uses it to seal a wine bottle. if u get that i guess u could use it to take the moisture off by sealing and unsealing the wine again and agian this process would take all the moisture out and create an air tight sealing. oh! and word of advice don’t use the pump on ur skin like i did. it’s gonna cause a huge circled brown mark for like 4 days.

Answer #4

You could use an air compressor and hose to blow the moisture out or if you turn it upside down and leave it in the sun the moisture will evaporate

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