What is the most effective way to get rid of fleas inside of a home?

We dont even own a pet, but since the houses in our area are so close together we are now gettin fleas in our home from the outside stray animals. Weve tried spraying all the openins to the house, they are still here and seem to be getting worse.

Answer #1

You’re going to need an exterminator to come in and it’s possible that the exterminator will have to tend to the homes close to yours as well.

Answer #2

Exterminators can be expensive.

I say try flea bombing it first. It worked for us. Put a bomb in each room with fleas, close the doors and windows, and get every living thing (you, babies, pets, etc) OUT of the house for (I think) 24 hours (could be 12 hours, check the instructions).

Worked for us :) This is what they look like, you can get them at any hardware store (Lowe’s Home Depot, etc)

Also, here’s a link to the site of the brand I use. But any mid-range cost should work (avoid cheap ones).


Answer #3

You can also get them from your vet.

Answer #4

There are special “bombs” for fleas….you have to leave the house, tho, for a few hours.

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