Easy way to clean up liquid detergent mess?

my brand new bottle of liquid laundry detergent just fell behind my washer and busted. the blue ooze is creeping out from the front now. I have it barricaded in the laundry area with paper towels. Is there an easier way to clean this up without eight rolls of paper towels?

Answer #1

It only took 5 rolls. At least my laundry room smells “spring fresh” now. :)

Answer #2

Maybe you can use a sponge to get rid of most of the detergent and then use paper towel to clean up what’s left.

Answer #3

Not really meggy poo. Get all of the detergent wiped up and then mop it with just water. You will have to go over it.

Answer #4

Yes!!! Get some soap and put in hot bucket of water with a scruber and wash clean it before soaking up the hot water with papper towl or tea towel

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