Natural way to get rid of mice for free?

how do I get rid of mice in my home I want a natural what to do it and I dont want to but anything

Answer #1

Hey whats up,

I just happen to know how to do that.

1.)Dip cotton balls into pepper mint oil and place one cotton ball in each problem area(Counters, cabinets, kitchen floor, etc…)

2.)Get steel wool and stuff it into all possible entry ways for mouse(holes cut in wall under cabinet in kitchen to run gas/water lines)

Do that and the mice will leave

Also-remove all droppings immediately as they usually carry diseases.

Let me know how it goes and let me know if you have any questions.

Be careful!

Answer #2

A cat is about as natural as you can get…traps, poison…?? Depends on how you look at the problem.

If you see one mouse, be assured you have 50 times that, with more born every day.


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