how or will meh frend pass sixth grade if she flunked the math taks test and she passed the reading?

Answer #1

she did pass the reading but flunked the math. she in sixth worried about her. will she flunk sixth grade or will she go to summer scool and go to seventh? what will happen?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #2

None of us can answer that - it depends on how the rest of her academics are and the educational policy governed by your state.

Answer #3

no she will just take this thing called focus math.. i did the same thing last year. its just practically an extra math class is all ..

Answer #4

her state is texas

Answer #5

depends where u live. if she flunked the math where i live, then she’d still pass 6th grade but she’d be in a lower math class. They MAY RECOMMEND that she takes a math class over the summer, but more than likely she’d be in a low math class, but a good english class

Answer #6

Sixth grade was a really tough year for me. If possible, study with her and have her ask her math teacher if she can get a retest. I f that doesn’t work, try to see if you guys can be study buddies and work with her on her math twice a week or something. hopefully, Her teacher will see her rapid increase of knowledge and will treat her fairly. Good Luck! Oh, also you should tell her to ask the teacher for some extra help.

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