Why is it that I pass all my other subjects but cant do math?

I can read very well, and I pass anyother subject.I love English and I aslo have an interest in Psychology, but I just cant do math. Whenever I think about it I cry a lot or when anyone tries to teach me my head hurts and I feel like screaming. I’m so ashamed. I tried getting help but it was so difficult I got fed up. Am I sick or just born dumb? I really need your help.


Answer #1

Can you clarify what math class it is? There are different mind sets in different mathematics.. which may be one of the problems?

Answer #2

Maths is one of those subjects that just has to click… keep chipping away at it and the penny will eventually drop.

Get a private tutor if you can.

Answer #3

your neither sick nor dumb, your week spot is math, I would just try your hardest, maybe your not understanding it well, or the teacher is boring. but no one is dumb

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