How do I pass my geography test Monday?

So I have a geography test on monday and I have no idea how the fudge im gonna pass. I’ve failed every single one of his tests. He never gives us a study guide or teaches anything. He’ll tell us to make crossword puzzles using the vocab words. But he wont actually get up in front of the class and teach. He tells us that for a study guide, we should like, read chapters 11,12,13 twice and hope for the best. So how do I pass THAT test, and more importantly how do I pass the final exam next week?

Answer #1

well I dont know by studying da!!!

Answer #2

Sounds like you need to learn how to learn, so don’t stress about it. You’ll fail again.

Give yourself a fighting chance though and read the book. If you can find a way to remember what you read, then all the better.

Answer #3

Maybe you should go to your head teacher and tell her all this so she can have words with him.

Answer #4

ya, I did fail. And I’m probably gonna fail the final exam too. But I did the math and even if I make somethig as terrble as a 40% on the final, I can still get a C in his class, so I’m good . . .

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