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Stem cell?

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alright some may hate me for this some may want to argue, you want to argue about it I wont reply back. You want to hate me go right ahead.

alright stem cell reasearch can do a lot of good for people who are sick. We now have cancer that needs to be cured as quick as it shows its ugly face. Stem cell would help with a lot of things, like help a organ, repair damaged parts of the body. But most improtantly help cure cancer. But the problem is that stem cell needs cells that do not have 'jobs yet' (<- if you know bio you know what I mean). So to get these cells you need a baby. I think that if women have to have an abortion they should consider stem cell. I am not for abortion, but only for certian reasons. So they need a babies cells to do this. Also the drug compainies dont want stem cell because it will take away the money from them for making all their drugs. Stem cell could lead to important things, if you have to choose between a loved one dieing of cancer and knowing that there is a chance that they might live with stem cell what would you do?

here so you dont yell at me -> im not for a abortion (only on sertain conditions I am tho)

so yeah what yall think.