Man or monkeys?

Do you think we were developed from monkeyz or mad by “god”?

Answer #1

Created by God - the account in the book of Genesis

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Answer #2

I beleive monkeys de-evolved from us! results of inbreedin and what-not. lol.nah a dont really, just thought a would mix things up a bit!

Answer #3

We did not evolve from monkeys. Humans and monkeys share a recent common ancestors. In fact, humans share common ancestors with fish, worms, and petunias. Because humans and monkeys share a recent common ancestor, they are so similar.

Answer #4

Neither. We and primates both evolved from a common ancestor. Fortunately, evolution doesn’t require your (or my) belief - it’s empirically provable.

Answer #5

Our “God” is an alien race. Who for reasons hitherto unknown, cross-bred primates with their own species to produce a new species with their genes, which could exist in this climate.

Answer #6

To be honest, I sorta agree with both. My faith in God is strong but the whole monkey ape thing sorta makes sense too. Can’t really pick.

Answer #7

“god” didnt create anything because “god” is not phisical. all “god” is, is a term used by our ancestors to describe and explain what could not yet be explain. a neandrathal looks up to the sky and sees lightning and rain, he cannot figure out where it comes from, therefor GOD made it happen. medieval physician cannot firure out the cause or cure for an illness, therefor it is the wrath of GOD. we now know the cause of lightning and rain, and have cures for most illnesses, and we know they have nothing to do with god. however we still are uncertin about how we as a race were created, so-like always- religious people say it is GOD’s doing. the term “god” is the religious equivalent to the scientific term “paradox”.

humans evolved- wether from apes or from some other species, we cant be certin.

Answer #8

great history ?,the time on the plant earth goes farther than we have learned so far,you are but a grain of sand on all the earth,the teaching of the BIBLE are a gift to our LOVE of the place we are born,it,s like the chicken or the egg thing,FAITH will keep you stable.the INDIAN both east and west have a great outlook on life. just believe in something and carry-on.your time will be ended and when your old and frail you will smile with glee,goodaaydave

Answer #9

I dont beleive in any “god” and I dont beleive we evolved directly from monkeys either I beleive we either evolved from common ancesteors of monkeys…primates who eveloved simpler forms of life like nigil800 said or we came here from a meterorite that fell from earth from another planet and just so happened to be able to survive here being single celled organisms living on a rock and then evolved to adapt to our surrounding enviroment

Answer #10

“Why would there still be monkeys hanging around in trees if humans came from them? No, we did not come from monkeys, not sure how we got here but it was not from some animal.”

Did you read any of the rest of this thread? Evolution does not state - and never has stated - that humans “came from monkeys”. Humans and primates had a common ancestor - a creature that was neither human nor primate.

Answer #11

God .why the hell would you think monkeys made us. thats the dumbest dam thing I eva heard

Answer #12

I believe God made us but according to the theory of evolution, we developed from australopithicine which means southern ape

Answer #13

I’m throwing support of myself (and the scientific community) behind Arachnid.

Answer #14

We are a cross-breed . Aliens fused their DNA with that of primates so that we could exist in this climate.

Answer #15

It’s a non-issue, as arachnid points out. This is a theological discussion, not a scientific one.

Answer #16

from God

Answer #17

I agree with fake fingernails.

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