Lip ring or nose stud???

I’m turnning 15 soon and I get a chose or a lip ring or a nose stud I can’t decide wich one to get and I can’t get both :( wich one should I get???

Answer #1

nose stud definatly

Answer #2

nose stud looks beter

Answer #3

Nose stud.

Answer #4

nose stud :)

Answer #5

Well, everyone else said nose stud. But, personally, I prefer lip rings. Im 16 and I just got mine done a few months ago[: I love it. I was gonna get my nose done. But its really just about what you think you look better with. Heres what I did- Take an old hoop earring and put it on your lip where you plan to get it pierced. That will look just like a lip ring. Then, take a little plastic jewel or something small and shiny and stick it on your nose. That will look like a nose ring. That way you can see which one you like best[: But I say go for the lip ring! xD They’re easy to take care of and you dont have to stick your fingers up your nose to change the ring. lol Good luck and happy birthdayyy :D

Answer #6

Nose - It’s much more cute and you can still maintain a professional image with it (I’m guessing you’ll be looking for a job soon because you’re getting to that age).

I used to have my lip done and ~4 months later took it out because I got bored of it and didn’t want it anymore, that was almost 2 years ago and the scar is still there. I’ve had my nose done since I was 11-12 (I’m 19, almost 20 now) and I still love it.

Answer #7

Since this will be your first piercing (besides your ears), in our shop we would always recommend that you choose the nose stud. It’s smaller and easier to care for than a lip ring. Also, you will be 16 years old soon and I’m sure you are going to start looking for a job, a nose stud is more acceptable in most work places and lip rings are usually looked down upon.

Answer #8

I think there both kool. but id say the nose stud. cause your still in school and your more likely to get rejected for having a lip piercing in most places,as far as I know.

Answer #9

in my opinion, don’t get any. no offence, but besides the (at least) 2 ear lobe piercings(sorry, forgot how to spell it) they creep me out, cause of the look and I imagine it to be painful, thats why I didn’t get my ears pierced at all. but its your opinion, so go for whatever one you want!

Answer #10

nose… i’m turning 15 too! but i get both for my birthday… :P

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