nose ring or lip ring?

I want to get a peircing either on mii lip or mii nose. which is better and which doesnt hurt as much?

Answer #1

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. I have my lips done twice and neither hurt, my boyfriend got his done and almost passed out. It just all depends on the person.

Answer #2

depends on your pain tolerance its nothing you cant handle though just dont go anywwere that uses the gun to peice the niose, or anything else and dont get it just to be “cool” make sure its something you want to have

Answer #3

nose rings look better (in my personal opinion) I see lip rings as being a bit trashy..

Answer #4

hey why not BOTH!!! They are both equally cool. I is like trying to say afi is better than blaqk audio… they both sound good. as for the pain there is nothing really to worry about as long as it doesnt get infected youll be fine!

Answer #5

I dont know how bad they hurt but I am going to get my lip pierced. In my opinion if you are going to get a piercing you should get a noticable one.

Answer #6

I would do the nose b/c the lip is just so ugly. It makes people look tacky

Answer #7

NOSE lol hey call me I want to talk I miss ya=)

Answer #8

lip are better im getting snake bits bu ti have atongue piercing and that hurt the first few days but then I got over it

Answer #9

Nose rings look better and also hurt less.

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