lil survey!!! with whom you share the most!!!

with whom do you share the most personnel things with??

  1. your mom
  2. your dad
  3. your best fren( same sex)
  4. your boyfriend / girlfriend
  5. your sis / bro
  6. no one!!! its hard for me to open up to people
  7. no one because no one really cares!!!
  8. I dont know!!! dont bother!!!
Answer #1

my best fren!!!

Answer #2

my mum and mu closest girlfriends…

like I wont be able to move forward without letting them know somethin about me and things going around…

Answer #3

probaly my boyfriend or best friend

Answer #4

best friend, definitely ! (:

Answer #5

its hard for me to open up to people but probs a friend from work he’s 18

Answer #6

probably my boyfriend or my sister

Answer #7

I couldent choose who I talk to more between my sister and my best friend

Answer #8

well, my girlfriend most of the time it really depends on what it is

Answer #9


my boyfriend

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