I have a girlfriend that a lil younger then me bt more expersinced

Ok first of all let me say this im a 16 yr old male about to turn 17 and im still a virgin and im dating a 15 yr old girl about to turn 16 so I think we are of ok age and I do really love her a lot but she is more experienced then me and I told her im a virgin and she not so im kinda scared that I wont live up 2 her expectations she says she loves me but im scared ok heres my questions

Umm how to make out? basic tips because I sux trust me umm my girlfriend is always grabbing my cock and she wants to have sex I know how 2 get her wet but I have trouble like umm finding the words and umm knowing what 2 do after that (yea I know its sad) so umm like what am I supposed to do ? and what the hell are the dos and donts and the bases that always confused teh shit out of me and how do you eat a girl out rem basic tips im a piece of shit virgin

Answer #1

This is not love….this sound like lust…..make sure your have a condom and you know how to use it.

Answer #2

who are you to tell him it’s not love.

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